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INDUPRO AG was founded in 1959 in Zurich, Switzerland.
The headoffice is based near the International Airport of Zurich,
a few minutes away from the city centre.

The company has over the years acquired an intimate knowledge
of three very different market segments:

packaging equipment for banks
(Swiss market and export

Following the counting, sorting and inspection of the banknotes the bundles need to be held together securely. INDUPRO offers a fine range of equipment for the following special applications: The Bundlingmachine bundles piles of banknotes with paperband ready for unit packages of 10 bundles for transportation, storage and easy handling. To make the unit packages INDUPRO offers three different types of strapping machines, a table top, a semi-automatic and an automatic strapping machine. Extra security (tampering, moisture etc.) can be reached by vacuuming or heat-shrinking.

sale and hire of aluminium scaffolding
suspended scaffolding and hydraulic platforms

(Swiss market)

The scaffolding department operates mainly in the local Swiss market. Aluminium scaffolding, suspended scaffolding and as from this year also hydraulic platforms are sold and hired. INDUPRO runs 4 outlets (Zurich, Basle, Berne and Evionnaz). The INDUPRO scaffolding department offers competent advising on all access problems, stocks a large selection of high quality products, has well trained and competent sales personnel, efficient fitters and mechanics.

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